Fundraising Program

Are you looking for a fresh new fundraising idea?

Our soap fundraiser program is perfect for schools, clubs, teams, and groups of all kinds. Our all natural soaps are a practical, original and fresh alternative to other frequently used fundraising programs.  

Not only is our fundraising program unique but you can also feel good about supporting an eco-friendly local small business! 

Everyone needs soap. One size fits all. Good for women and men, and kids of all ages.

Our soap is all natural and eco friendly; our soap and packaging is biodegradable, and our labels are printed on recycled paper! Please feel free to browse the other areas of our website to view our work and products! 

As a fundraiser, you’ll receive our SECOND level wholesale price discount of 30% off. Our regular bars wholesale for $3.50 and you can sell them for $6.

We make fundraising simple for you with two options.

1) You can pre-purchase a bulk amount. This option gives you the opportunity to choose from our available scents, or create a custom scent blend. It also allows you to have your logo, cause or information on the front label on your bars. With this method you can place your bars immediately in the hands of your supporters! And have a tangible item to show as you fund-raise.  

2) Your customers choose from our 6 most popular soaps and 4 bath bombs, pictured on our customer order cards. Your sales force uses the master order sheets to keep track of sales. 

The details 

  • Payment must be submitted with your master order sheets. 
  • Orders take 2.5-5 weeks to complete depending on the order size. We like to make our products fresh.  
  • No returns
  • Delivery and shipping costs may apply depending on location 
  • Orders are filled in the order they arrive. 

Contact us through our contact form to inquire about a custom soap or for your discount code to purchase our bulk in stock scents, for option #1. Or with any questions and to book your fundraiser and receive your customer order cards and master order sheets for option #2.